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Something New!

Posted by MsLewd - September 22nd, 2019

Hey there folks, flat chest Liv here

After releasing "hana's hunch" not too long ago I got the rating i so hoped for and appreciated the most,


but with that said, i put in 5 star effort and time but got a 3.85 star rating (which is one of my greatest achievements here on newgrounds) this whole week motivated me to do something new! im always trying to get the best ratings and most support possible, but i figured maybe im not giving everybody what they want. sure i have my fans who love my stuff but i want to go beyond that, so i did some research and what do you know "2d animation is way more preferred than 3d"

aint that a bitch. since i have a mouse and no drawing tablet that was a Big F to know. and then i seen AEhentai's "Tribute"


and AE is short for after effects, which means if i try hard enough and learn new things i can make my first 2d animation ever! so that will be one of my focuses for this month and the next, but ill be sure to drop some 3d stuff every now and then, also for those who commission me things, please dont ask for no weird sick twisted shit. ilya

if you have any comments about this, please feel free to respond here or dm me.

Stay Tuned. Stay Lewd.



Comments (4)

I have loved your 3D stuff but everyone has their own preferences. No-one can please everyone.

true, ill post a picture of my oc character i just made and let me know if i should animate her, (planning on making her the face of mslewd)

@Mslewd i give that 5 star because of the looks of the girl and everything is great too

Hey Ms!

I genuinely loved your D.Va animations; I believe that your style has improved a LOT since you started posting here.

I think that you should give your very best, and that you have managed to impress us. You do have a gift for naughty, lewd stuff.

Would it be possible to see animations featuring Violet Parr or Tracer? I would love to see your take on the latter!

Thanks tons for all the hot animations you have graced us with. We need more of them. You're one of a kind.

I was most definitely planning on doing a tracer animation, but the models of her arent high quality! v.v ill keep looking and thank you for the support.

the problem with 3D is that everything is so smooth and plastic, and skin/flesh physics aren't a thing, so it kind of puts it in the uncanny valley and isn't all that great, and for 3D based around fictional characters, there's always a lack of decent physics all around, and it's usually just boobs bounce and mouths/eyes open, without any of the subtle nuances. now it might not matter what you do individually to fix that, it's a fault with the whole style, and so people like me tend not to click onto 3D in the first place unless they're in a "fuck it" mood.
I will however say your stuff is great, i do vote higher sometimes when i read that you put more effort in.

thank you! and @ and skin/flesh physics aren't a thing check out FPSBlyck